The truth about Nigel Farage’s clash with protesters in Margate.

by chazwoldalmighty

There has been a lot in the news yesterday about UKIP leader Nigel Farage being hit on the head by a protester, with the real facts of the incident not being reported. This is due to lies being spread in the media by UKIP about what happened. The idea for the protesters attendance was largely for those people to show their dissatisfaction with the comments and policies of UKIP. None of the protesters were looking to hurt Nigel Farage.

When I heard he was going to attend I went with my camera to film the events. It was my goal to hopefully gain his reaction to some questions and use the footage on my youtube channel. It is important to the freedom of speech in this country that people report the news themselves via the internet to stop this type of lying being done by politicians. The crowd were not one group of protesters but a collection a few groups looking to highlight Nigel Farage’s attendance at a fox hunt, animal cruelty in live animal exports out of Ramsgate port and people who are ideologically opposed to Nigel Farage and UKIP.

When Nigel Farage arrived at the Walpole Bay Hotel he was escorted by two bodyguards, one of whom engaged the crowd in an aggressively violent manner. The Security can be seen top grab someone’s throat and push them back ( From this clip we can see a man in a green t shirt being pushed back by the bodyguard. It was this action which lead to the protesters becoming hostile and the incident escalating. It was shortly after this when I was unduly assaulted by the same security guard. In this video @ 1:55 ( you will see me (black beanie hat) next to the lady from Channel 4 news. I am getting ready to ask Mr. Farage (how I addressed him) some questions, such as:

“How can people be expected to believe you can run the country when you cannot control your party”?

“What do you say to the hypocrisy of speaking out against tax avoidance when you, yourself, have set up an offshore account for tax dodging”?

“Nigel, what would you say about how the bigoted comments made by your party on matters of gender, sexual orientation, race and even the holocaust would have gotten normal members of society arrested for incitement to hatred”? 

We can see from the beginning of this footage ( how violently Mr. Farage’s thug pushed me by my throat. He grabbed my collar and forced his forearm into my adam’s apple causing me to choak. I now have a sore throat from this incident. I have reported the crime to the police and will be pressing charges against this holligan. I want Nigel Farage to be made to comment on this matter and force this thug to come forward to police and answer for his crimes of violence.

I also believe I am due an apology from Nigel Farage for his staffs assault. Please forward this blog onto news organisers and politicians…hopefully “Nasty Nigel” can be honest with voters for once. (Mind you if he was he would probably claim his account was hacked)